Your Employer contributes to the Fund amounts on your behalf as determined by its applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement. Those contributions that are made on your behalf will be deposited in an individual plan account that is set up in your name after you become a participant.
You may elect to defer a portion of your compensation each year to the Plan instead of receiving it in cash. You will need to fill out an Employee Deferral Form and turn it into your payroll department. Your Employer will fax a copy of the form to the Fund Office.
To change your investment allocation you will need to set up an online account with Merrill Lynch.
You are eligible for payment of your accounts upon:
  • Normal Retirement. Age 65 or, the 5th anniversary of participation.
  • Termination- Under age 65: You will need to wait until the end of the Plan year plus one additional Plan year.
For further information, please refer to your Summary Plan Description or contact the Fund Office.
To apply for a withdrawal, you will need to complete a Distribution Request Form. Please complete the form and mail along with any noted documentation to the Fund Office.
The Plan does not provide financial hardship or other payments before the eligibility dates. The Plan does not provide loans from your accounts.
The payment you receive from the plan will be subject to mandatory withholding of 20% for federal income taxes. You can avoid mandatory withholding only if you arrange to have your benefit transferred directly to an IRA or an eligible retirement plan.
In order to change your mailing address, you must complete a Change of Address Form. You may print and complete the form, or you may contact the Fund Office and a form will be mailed to you.
If you have any questions, contact the Fund Office at (630) 288-6868 or (866) 844-0488.
Once your right to benefits under the Plan becomes vested, your Plan account cannot be forfeited or lost. However, note that your Plan account is subject to the performance of its investments and may be reduced as a result of such performance. All contributions you make to the Plan pursuant to a compensation deferral election shall always be fully vested and non-forfeitable. If you receive an employer contribution due to Covered Employment, you will become vested pursuant to the following schedule:

Years of Service: Vested Percentage:
Less than 3 0%
3 years or more 100%
Visit the Merrill Lynch website to access information. You may also read helpful information from their brochure.



Birth or Adoption





  • Normal Retirement. Age 65 or, if later, 60 months after the first contributions were made for you.
  • Termination – Under age of 65, you will need to wait until the end of the Plan year in which you terminate employment, plus an additional month.
  • A single lump-sum distribution at or after normal retirement (age 65)
  • Benefits paid as a result of a participant’s death